Impact Study

Feeding Santa Fe conducted a survey in the spring of 2016 to determine the impact of our providing bags of groceries to residents living in the City and County of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The results of the survey indicate that hunger is a serious problem in Santa Fe, and Feeding Santa Fe has a positive impact on our community. That impact is the significant narrowing of the food and meal gap for those who receive a bag of groceries from our drive up food pantry. You may read the full Impact Study here.

Key Findings of the Impact Study

(Conducted among 455 recipients of food bags distributed from the Feeding Santa Fe drive-thru food pantry)

  • 61% have children at home, so we are clearly making a difference for families that come to us for help
  • Income
    • 35% earn less than $14,000 a year
    • 31% earn between $14,000 and $24,000
    • 66% earn $24,000 or less annually
  • 59% are either unemployed, are on a fixed income, or are disabled
  • 14% are veterans
  • Use of Feeding Santa Fe
    • 35% come to us once a week
    • 56% come for groceries two or three times a month
  • 55% receive Food Stamps-SNAP benefits, which not sufficient to feed their families: Feeding Santa Fe helps fill the gap
  • An average of five (5) meals can be obtained from a bag of groceries
  • 85% commented they are able to eat healthier as a result of the fresh produce that they receive from Feeding Santa Fe
  • Families with children expressed positive reaction to recipes provided by the Nutrition Educators of the NM State County Extension Office in Santa Fe, stating that they were able to make more interesting and nutritious meals, validating the Feeding Santa Fe emphasis on providing healthy sustaining items – no fat, sugar, preservative-laden or processed foods.
  • 89% indicated that receiving eggs each week has allowed them to stretch the food they received into more meals. Having eggs was particularly important for families with children.

Read the full Impact Study here.

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