Food Distribution

When and where is food distributed?

On Thursday mornings, beginning at 6 am and continuing until all bags are distributed (no later than 9 am, often earlier), grocery bags of food are given without charge to those in need who enter our drive-thru at the loading dock at the rear of the building. There are no forms to fill out, no questions asked.

Feeding Santa Fe’s location is 1222 Siler Road, Santa Fe (see map below).

We are on the west side of Siler, between Cerrillos and Agua Fria, just north of the traffic light at Rufina. Please use the south driveway into the parking lot (there is no sign at this driveway).  Proceed on the left (south) side of the building to the back and turn right to find the loading dock. Bags of groceries are distributed from our loading dock at the rear of the building.

What kind of food is in the grocery bags?

Each bag contains:

a dozen eggs,
two very large potatoes,
a one-pound bag of rice,
dried beans or pasta,
two cans of vegetables,
bread, and,
if available, fresh produce – fruit and/or vegetables.

We frequently include recipes for some of the bag’s contents and, also, information about improving food safety or health (for example: suggesting canned vegetables be rinsed before eating to reduce the salt intake by 1/3 or more).

For each child in the vehicle, we provide two half-pint cartons of milk and a healthy snack – either cheese sticks, applesauce cups, or small boxes of raisins or cereal.

Who do we serve?

In many instances, the families and individuals, including seniors and veterans, we serve are not that different from all of us. They might be our neighbors or friends, or people we don’t know. Some may clearly be in need of help, while others, on the surface, may seem “okay” but may:

have just lost employment or be jobless;
have had their hours reduced;
be paid low wages;
be experiencing other difficulties, such as mounting medical bills; or
be retirees or veterans, living on fixed income

All are trying to put food on the table and reduce hunger or food insecurity in their households.

Increasing numbers are coming to us for the first time, sometimes in tears or appearing embarrassed to need help. We require no proof of need and ask no questions; we welcome all who come to us to receive a bag of food and a friendly greeting.

While some recipients are unemployed or retired, as stated above, we learned in a recent survey that the majority of our recipients are working full- or part-time, but are having trouble making ends meet. They frequently have to choose what bills they are going to pay this month – rent, utilities, fuel for their vehicles, medicine or mounting medical bills – and all are struggling to feed their families.

Feeding Santa Fe strives to alleviate hunger with as much compassion as we can bring to the program.

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