Feeding Santa Fe is in the news!

Read an article published in The Santa Fe New Mexican: “Local nonprofit bridges divide between haves and have nots“.

Listen to an interview with Susan Odiseos, President of Feeding Santa Fe, on  KSFR’s program, “The Garden Journal“.  Susan said, “Being on the program was a way to encourage local gardeners to share the bounty of what they have grown and right after the program a gentleman called to offer root vegetables that were greater in quantity than he could consume. We call this sharing of abundance ‘charitable horticulture’!”

The Food for Food Raffle is over.

Congratulations to all the winners!  Please read about the restaurateurs who donated so generously to the raffle.  Be sure to visit their establishments to dine and to thank them.

Survey of Recipients

Feeding Santa Fe conducted a survey in the spring of 2016 to determine the impact of the bags of groceries we provide to residents living in the City and County of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The survey results indicate that hunger is a serious problem in Santa Fe, and Feeding Santa Fe has a positive impact on our community by significantly narrowing of the food and meal gap for those who receive a bag of groceries from our drive-up food pantry.

Please read more about the survey by visiting our Impact Study page, or read the full Impact Study.


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